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Stating Intentions for the New Year

My wife Holly and I have a tradition at the end of the year — declaring our intentions for the new year. We usually revisit the previous year’s intentions, but we couldn’t really remember what was said last year, at the close of 2020. We were in the midst of…

Surviving the vagaries of the industry

I’m a writer not completely unfamiliar with the publishing process.

I published a book in 1988 with a new edition in 1993. Hard Hatted Women: Life on the Job is an anthology of stories by and about women working in the construction trades and blue-collar jobs.

I had a publisher then, Seal Press, a woman-owned press that focused on women’s…

My Regular Pagan Holiday Letter

Our family never did that thing where white-robed virgins with candle crowns bring breakfast, but we did celebrate Swedish Christmas. Culture was supplied by my grandmother, Gerda, who grew up on a farm near Lake Vänern in central Sweden in an age when you really did hitch the horse up…

Tradeswomen Organizing at the City Level: San Francisco Women in Trades

Tradeswomen activists changed our world from the personal realm up to the national and international. This is the story of San Francisco Women in Trades, one of hundreds of local organizations in cities across the country dedicated to the success of women in nontraditional blue collar jobs.

The tradeswomen movement…

Chapter 6

That’s Mom smiling center left. Is Eddie the woman leaning on her? Photos property of author.

Lately I’ve been walking around with my head in the 1930s.

I’ve been thinking about my mother and what her life was like as a young person. Mom was born in 1913 and graduated high school in 1929. She came of age in the 1930s. Born in 1949, I came of age in the 1960s. They were two very different worlds.

My Regular Pagan Holiday Post

Dear Friends,

Happy fall! Lately I’m being told I’ve gotten lazy with pagan holidays. I’m focusing too much on the Celts and should expand my cultural reach.

I confess I do love the Celts. But of course the autumn equinox has associations with harvest time in many cultures in the…

Molly Martin

I’m a long-time tradeswoman activist and retired electrician/electrical inspector in San Francisco.

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